The company will buy the following alloying materials:

- ferrovanadium 80%,
- ferromolybdenum 60-70%,
- ferroniobium 65%,
- ferrovolphram 75-80%,
- ferrosilicon 60-70%
The total volume of the batch is 20-21 tons.
Delivery to Slovenia.


For the goods quality control, it is installed the coercimeter of Ukrainian production. The device allows to estimate the stress state of the two layer casting before heat treatment and stress decrease after heat treatment.



Received the patent №111291 a method of heat treatment of high-chromium rolls.


In view of introduction in the production of the installation of ultrasonic testing "Pomini" there was held a joint business trip of specialists “NMT” Ltd. and Valji d.o.o. at OJSC "NLMK". There's a similar control system is already in operation to detect defects of the rolls during operation. Agreed test methods and provided information during rolls delivery of our production. Such consistency of acts between Supplier and Customer will enable to avoid in future incidents at the mill and to reduce non-productive downtime.

In order to support the domestic producer, the next chill moulds for casting of our rolls were brought to Slovenia from Ukraine. PJSC “Energomashspetsstal”, Kramatorsk. produced them according to our drawings.


The product in the package:
The product in the package
The product in rust-preventing grease:
The product in rust-preventing grease

According to the long tradition, this year employees of our company have attended regular international industrial exhibition "Metal-Expo 2015". They had working meetings with our customers, during which were discussed operational features of the rolling tools on specific mills; got the most recent information about the resistance, as well as were determined the further ways of quality improving of the products (rolls).
Attention was given to study of presented at the exhibition of novelties in the field of analytical and research equipment (devices for the chemical composition controlling of materials and complex equipment for metallographic researches).
Besides, it was initiated the working out of the possibility of thermal furnaces acquiring for high-temperature processing of rolls with complex alloyed wear-resistant cast iron and steel, as well as baking ovens for the preparation of foundry equipment.

03.06.2015, OJSC "NLMK".
At a joint presentation of Valji d.o.o. and «NMT» Ltd., there was presented the information about the development of the new material of working layer of high-speed steel rolls. Presented the information about its improved performance and operating experience in European mills. It was made a decision about the in-depth analysis of the possible use of this product in particular stands of 2000 and preparing for the delivery of experimental batch.
29.04.2015 Congratulations! May Day greetings to you! Victory Day greetings to you! Peace and prosperity!
Our specialists returned from OJSC «Severstal». There were considered operating times, retirement diameters, the actual fall hardness in depth of working layer on rolls 675x1760 execution ЛПХНМдц-73. Since January our new rolls have been in the mill. Six of them have already been taken out of service. With operative specialists were discussed rolls quality, packaging and logistics. With the Directorate of Planning and Procurement of production the schedules of further delivery were agreed.
Representatives of our company visited OJSC "NLMK" as it was planned. With roller specialists were discussed intermediate results of monthly operating rolls from new production area. Complaints have not heard.
In ?tore it was finished the regular rotation of specialists of «NMT» Ltd. Improved communication and collaboration at all stages of production. Schedules of the casting and loading of mechanical equipment for II and III quarters of 2015 were agreed. It was implemented the receipt and dispatch of the next production-run. We state the quality improvement of machining of our rolls, thanks to modern equipment and staff. Planned joint business trips to existing and potential customers. 
In the site gallery new photos of production were added.

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26 June 2022

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