STE «New machines and technologies» Ltd. was founded in November 1991. Employees of All-Union Research and Development Institute for substituting machinery for handwork in the iron and steel industry (VNIImehchermet) were the basic staff of the company with extensive experience in the development of equipment and technology of centrifugal casting.

     Still in the VNIImehchermet was developed the equipment and the base technology for centrifugal casting rolls, the first machines with vertical axis of rotation. In the design of centrifugal machines used the installation of the mold in pre-balanced rotor on spring-loaded rollers. Rollers of the top row perceived the main load, rollers of the lower row with a vertical axis of rotation, also mounted on springs, perceived only radial loads.

     Since 1993, the company STE «New machines and technologies» Ltd began to develop for association of the rolls production in Lutugino new equipment and technology of centrifugal casting rolls.
In 1996 the installation for mechanized application of insulating coating on the working surfaces of the mold was implemented, which allows to apply a uniform coating layer on the mold surface with thickness from 0.5 to 10 mm. It was developed a coating composition and method of its application.

     In 1997 the vertical centrifugal machine of a new generation was put into operation. In this centrifugal machine the load is allocated between two support tiers, a specially designed rubber-pneumatic support system was applied. On the specified machine was solved the problem of producing three or more castings per shift, the presence of liquid metal of different chemical composition to fill in the form was the only limiting link. The specific metal quantity of equipment was significantly reduced, lightweight foundation.


     Also this year, the installation of tilting manipulator for assembling-disassembling of molds was finished.

     In 1998 it was started the production of rolls with high chrome cast iron working layer.

     In 1999 a heat treatment of rolls with phase transformations was implemented.

     In 2000 the heat furnace installation of automated control system was upgraded and equipped with burners of its own design.

     In 2001 the ultrasound quality control of rolls was put into operation.
     In 2002 the machine for riffled rolls was modernized, as well as it was implemented a device for controlling the profile of the rolls and molds. It was developed the production of rolls with a core of ductile iron.

     In 2003 the machine was modernized, greatly expanding its technological capabilities and product range. It was implemented the system for out-of-furnace fining working layer metal of its own design.
It was put into operation a new experimental melting ground for the developments of new chemical composition of materials of the working layer. In 2004 a new technology for producing heat-insulating coating on the working surface of the molds was implemented.

     In 2005 it was put into operation the system for the modification of the metal core directly during the roll casting.

     In 2006 it was developed a new chemical composition of the alloy for working layer metal - medium-chrome cast iron, combining the characteristics of high-chromium and nickel-chromium cast iron.

     In 2007 it was started to work a surfacing area, repair and recovery of rotary bodies (bearing rings and rollers of centrifugal machine).

     In 2008-2009 it was carried out an installation and commissioning of two new modern furnaces for heat treatment of rolls.
     In 2010-2011 it was implemented a systematic work to improve the quality of machining, the range increase, the sale increase and trial parties of rolls were manufactured for European consumers. Universal installation for application of thermal insulation coatings on the working surface of fixed and rotary molds was made.

     In 2012 it was carried out a pre-design possibilities of reconstruction of the melting compartment of Lutugino Research & Production Roll Company

     In 2013 together with specialized design and assembly organizations it was began to implement a large-scale project to replace an obsolete open-hearth furnace with modern medium frequency crucible induction furnace Otto Junker.

     2014. Because of the combat actions in the east of Ukraine, the project that is already on the verge of starting was frozen. For an uncertain term all equipment was out of reach. Part of the founders decides to withdraw from the division of property owners and businesses.

     2014. Reincarnation.

     Senior technical staff found «New machines and technologies» Ltd. and join forces in a new production area in Europe. Management and logistics, engineering developments, chemical composition, technology, heat treatment and metallography become a guarantee that consumers in 2015, two decades know our rolls will receive high-quality products according to the contractual obligations with the same level of service and support.

     Sincerely, «New machines and technologies» Ltd.

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26 June 2022

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